Thursday, December 09, 2010

Decrease your footprint - your CARBON Footprint!

How can one be environmentally conscious of decreasing their carbon footprint?
But first, what is a carbon footprint?
Let me put this in a simplier way.
Carbon footprint is the measure of imprint you leave on earth.
So how does this affect the environment and the whole world in general? You will be suprised that even your
eating habits contribute to global warming!

Yes carbon footprint leads to global warming from the emissions of what we do everyday to a combination of
small habits that add up to one big effect on the environment.
Decreasing it can start from the simple turning the light on/off and turning off of electricity-dependent machines if not in use.Less ecectricity less emission of carbon dioxide.

What else?
Now its time for you to go for Veggies!
By doing this and consuming less meat,you eliminate more carbon footprint. Meat is generally imported from around the world, rather than locally.Transporting such commodity needs fuel used for transportation which is emitted into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming BIG TIME!
Growing your own garden is a plus too.Having your fruits and veggies from your backyard direct to your table
eliminates fuel-actioned trans. And patronize your own country's commodities is a big help. Stop buying imported stuff.
Delivering these things from point A to point B take a lot of fuel-needing factor.

From not over-charging your cellphone, driving less (You save 1.1 lbs. of carbon dioxide for every .62 miles
you don't drive),Checking your tires( tires that are inflated properly can improve gasoline consumption by more than 3%.
Every gasoline saved keeps carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere),Recycling to planting a tree!. These little actions
sums up into a one great leap of helping to decrease your carbon footprint.

Now why would i want to decrease my carbon footprint?
I'll tell you the reasons why. The more carbon footprint you leave on earth the more you contribute to global warming.
Increase in global tempretature can cause significant changes on mother nature.
These changes can be so horrific, it includes species extinctions, spread of disease, crop shortage and glacier retreat.
Not to mention drought, heat waves and hurricanes!
But how these things get inter-connected with each other?
Let me count the ways. First the glacier-retreat or the melting of play ice caps. Global warming can melt this ice caps which
is composed of fresh water which will eventually desalinate the ocean after melting. This desalination will
cause ocean current that regulates the temperature to be imbalanced. This imbalance can cause the drought and instinction for the species that cannot adapt and survive.
Melting the ice caps will further heaten up the earth because the ocean will be left as sun light reflector. Ocean is dark and blue, it absorbs light rather than reflect it, so expect a warmer and sizzling eperience all time of the day. Bet you, even an ice cold lemonade? - No can do!

So there's your drought that will dry up and kill all your crops. Disease-carrying insect migrating to a cooler place
thus spreading their wrath all over.The heat waves, hot ocean water and more hurricanes as effect of anthropogenic global warming.

Knowing these facts, I can bet on it, you are now totally enviromentaly conscious and more concerned of your carbon footprint and decreasing it!
We dont want to end up as hurricane victim.

Monday, November 30, 2009

29 years of Bitter gourds and Lemons

Now where have my years gone by? Been wondering deeply like s**t....

As if anyone cares...Well, I know Ive created a lot of st**id mistakes, then I've asked myself why the hell why?

Looking back, Ive fell in love with the wrong guy. He was my all. I was so young then..Then eventually love lost its shine. But now at this level of perspective and point of view, it was all but a load of s**t, but was a good s**t during that time coz I was in love...
It was a precious moment, given my all, but then again came to a point that it was all gone...i had to let go. All the love and the passion were gone.

But then again, time has lemonly and bitter-gourdly passed. Sweet and bitter as it is...I moved on quietly but with full of range....Ive submitted myself to my family, enslaved by cultural baggage...captured with the thinking that I committed a freaking crime and by being submissive will make the judgment more lighter or lesser.

Years has passed....swiftly but bold...

I went to being "gone and lost" and was NEVER FOUND AT ALL.

I went WANDERING, took the path that was never taken..
Took the risk...
Has taken all the passion...
Took all the strength...
Took all the courage...
Took all the constant overload of s**t...
Took all the pains and needle-hurts...
the stench and the f**ked-up situations...
the big deal of a stench
Till the time that I wished I can f**k myself off..
Y-rays of cultural baggages...oppressing...
Constant suffering and agony...

Ok OK back to WANDERING....
I went alone for quite a while.
Met someone had some good s**t for 21 days...fell deeply like a st**id dilweed.
Moved on again.
After sometime I met a guy who's very appealing.
There's something about him that is so addictive..
Then another addiction....not lethal drugs....but emotional addiction and emotional dependence...
WIll I remain to be addicted to all the SOB's or will I pursue the path that ive dreamed of taking...

Now im back from zero to nothing...
Became too dependent on some stuff not culturally accepted.
Also almost lost my life from some accident that made me realize how much i am literally surrounded by a**holes..

Man...Im so freakin' tired of bittergourds.
I want my lemons

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fisherman in San Lorenzo

Gloomy day at the beach, resting my mind and setting my eyes upon the velvety orange panorama of the dusky sky...

People running here and there, subtlety acquainting with the regular passing of time on their normal afternoon.

Hopes and Goals...some has hopes but doesn't have goals...Some wants to soar higher but some are plainly contented with 1 kilo of rice and some boiled fish in vinegar;disgustingly bored; send lil kids to public school IF they can; send husband to the ocean to gather more fish to sell; and send herself home to tend to the everyday irksome stuff of monotony.

By the look in their eyes, from kids to adults that lives near the beach. I can see contentment but barely seen a dream flaring in their eyes. Or maybe there are plans to ascend but the cultural baggage that has been there are cuddling their lil souls…Overwhelming…constant overload of shit.

Toddlers trotting the black sand half naked, some has no clothes, and not because they are going to swim, its how they are in everyday life. They don't live in diapers nor milk formulas, they live with the FISHERMAN, what the FISHERMAN can give, what the FISHERMAN can feed.

Alone in the cottage, being nosy but delightful as my lil angels are playing on the shallow water of the alluring black sandy beach. I stood up and went out those fishermen mending and straightening out their fishing nets. Being inquisitive again, I reached out and befriended them. Gave them a hand and we spent the hour working on their fishing net….Enjoying myself being dirty, bedraggled but amused. People gathered and was bewildered…of what the freakin' hell was I doing there, why a girl is on that cramped boat hand in hand with the old guys fixing the net being care-free . As I glance on their astounded eyes I know I was being a taboo buster.And I knew that i was sorrounded by skeptic a**holes.

I met "Taying", a born fisherman, he sells what he caught and the family eats the rest..As I talk to him, I can see an unbeatable euphoria on his whole being, or was he just good in hiding all the disappointments and the un-attainable dreams that were ruptured even before they were built….like the unsteady sand castles.

Coz I realized, as the day, months, years passed by their languished pissed off lives; the only life, the only world they've known is what they have right now, oppressed and believed that there is no other world that they can fit in but the life they are compelled to be in.

-Sheryl B. Sn Lorenzo Beach, Tabaco City

Friday, August 10, 2007

My hometown - Tabaco City

Tabaco is now a City in the province of Albay, Philippines. Mainland Tabaco City borders Malinao to the north, Polangui and Oas to the west, Ligao City to the southwest, Mayon Volcano to the south, Malilipot to the southeast, and Lagonoy Gulf to the east. The island of San Miguel, part of the city's territory, is the northwesternmost of Albay's four main islands in the Lagonoy Gulf. Mayon Volcano overlooks the city to the north. The island of San Miguel to the east is under the city's jurisdiction.

From downtown Tabaco City, one can drive up the northern slopes of Mayon Volcano at around 800 meters above sea level. Tabaco City has also recently launched the annual Tabak festival which commemorates the city's cityhood on March 24, 2001.

Tabaco City is politically subdivided into 47 barangays:
Agnas (San Miguel Island)
Basud (Pob.)
Bombon (Pob.)
San Isidro
Divino Rostro (Pob.)
Hacienda (San Miguel Island)
Quinale Cabasan (Pob.)
Rawis (San Miguel Island)
Sagurong (San Miguel Island)
Salvacion (Cagraray Island)
San Antonio
San Carlos
San Juan (Pob.)
San Lorenzo
San Ramon
San Roque
San Vicente
Santo Cristo (Pob.)
Tayhi (Pob.)
Visita (San Miguel Island)

Animated Map where Tabaco City is...

Beautiful and so enchanting Misibis Beach Resort in Albay.

Dhio Endheka Spring Resort, Buang, Tabaco City, Albay

The Majestic Mayon Volcano...One of the wonders of the world..I live near

San Miguel Grande Island is a 10-minute boat ride from mainland Tabaco City.Photo taken at midday with majestic Mayon for a backdrop. The island hosts an aquamarine reserve that was adjudged in 2002 as the “Second Best Managed Reef in the Philippines

An exotic 1,200m (1,000 yards) foot trail through lush vegetation awaits trekkers before arriving at the crystal blue lagoon covered under a forest canopy. The sound of the cascading water and native birds heightens the sense of tropical paradise...
Located in a secluded nook at the southern base of Mt. Malinao is Vera Falls..
Ive been here 4 times,slept under the forest rain with lushing sound of water falling from above, cuddling inside my cozy tent with San Miguel beer pre-soaked on fall's water to make it really cold.....i really had a great time and would love to come back again and again..

The marine reserve was founded by the Coastal Resource Management Project in San Miguel Island (COREMAP-SMI), which is a multi-disciplinary approach to developing and managing habitats and resources through the establishment of marine fishery reserves in the context of a community-participated co-managed scheme. Collaborators on the project includes:, Tabaco City

Saturday, January 13, 2007



November 30,2006 a date that can never be forgotten, and that have changed the lives of all Bicolanoes from a peaceful one to a farrago of turmoil.
Suoerthypoon Reming hit us on that gloomy day bringing an extreme destruction to the livelihood, home, people and everything in Bicol , Philippines .
Houses were buried with muddy sand that flowed generously from the mouth of the volcano (Mayon Volcano) which is sitting rite inside the Bicol area. Rivers overflowing with water flooded the streets and went right into every home it passes by. Trees, electrical posts, tall houses all bowed down; electrical wires, shattered window glasses scattered all through the streets. Houses tumbles and turned over as if they were card board boxes. Most lost their roofs and some have shuttered walls and almost everyone was soaking wet. Newly planted crops were submerged in mud and sand.
Death count keeps on adding up, numerous are still missing and some were buried alive with sand, some were swept away by flood but some were drowned helplessly. Lots of kids lost their parents during the typhoon where people was panicking, seeking for a safe refuge. One kid was banging his head against the wall blaming himself for the lose of his siblings.
First district to third district of Albay was badly hit, almost everything was completely destroyed. What the Bicolanoes felt right now cannot be easily consoled and recovery is way too far.
I remember that same day my grandfather’s wake was stirred by the typhoon. Everybody left without any doubt to save their lives. The water with muddy sand that went inside the house deliberately rise almost five feet high, my grandpa’s coffin was floating uncontrollably inside the house and so everything else.
Relief operations organized and distributed by good-hearted people have reached places in Bicol. People lost their homes, livelihood and their love ones. Mostly are staying at refugee camps.
Tears can never be enough to express out the pain that teemed inside our hearts.Superthypoon Reming was a nightmare that haunts us even awake.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Di sapat sa babae ang maging asawa't ina na lamang habambuhay;

Ang taga-timpla ng kape at

taga-masahe ng masakit na likod;

Ang maging produkto ng mahinhing panahon

at walang mukhang magsabi ng nararamdaman."

"Ang babae talian man ang katawan

o suotan ng chastity belt

ay may uri ng kalayaang di mananakaw ng kahit na sino;

ang kalayaang


at mag-pasya!"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sheryl Brobio Foundation

Each child represents an inviolable value and essence in the community. Their need for protection and favorable conditions to grow up is paramount over all other considerations. Safeguarding the children’s personal integrity means safeguarding their self-respect and for them to be given the opportunity to develop confidence in their own abilities and potentials. These potentials that will help them excel in their future lives. This is a right on which little attention has been focused. An omission which must be regarded as a significant flaw in child and youth policy. That’s why SB Foundation existed. SBF is enthused to fill in what is lacking!....

Sheryl Brobio Foundation formerly Tet’s Child Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which I, Sheryl J. Brobio organized and founded way back in the year 2002. We have collected data, conducted programs that have very promising approaches to help child’s welfare.....

SB Foundation is mainly concerned with the child, as a part of a family. We believed that young people in their new age of adolescence is an area that has been neglected in general especially in these specific target communities. Today, this period of life is heavily influenced by traditional ideologies, cultural baggage and commercial forces. Thus, there is a clear need for a holistic, innovative and value-based approach.....


Children in Elementary level on the buffer-zone communities of Mt.Masaraga, Mt.Isarog, Mt.Malinao and Mt.Mayon in Albay province.....


To enhance child’s welfare and to ensure that children and young people who live in conditions that maybe detrimental to their health, psychological, and emotional development receive the necessary assistance and care at the right period of time.....


A foundation that raises awareness to the issue of unprivileged children and enhance their well-being by offering unconditional help and services and taking part of the responsibility for a change.....


SB Foundation promotes services that will help ensure that children have the physical well-being and the social, emotional and cognitive abilities they need to be ready to succeed. For every child deserves the basic essentials of human conditions specially children on the buffer-zone communities of the buffer-zone communities of Mt.Masaraga, Mt.Isarog, Mt.Malinao and Mt.Mayon in Albay province. Offering food, medicine, educational supplies, planting materials ( for parents and farmers) clothes and school sponsorship for elementary and secondary grades, seminars, workshops for out-of-school youth, giving out initial capitals for small business ventures and other necessities to enhance or improve their lifestyle.....


TO be followed:....


January 09, 2009....

I have coordinated with the local Department of Agriculture asking if they can organize a program with me that will supply free fertilizer and seeds for the parents of these children whose basic source of income is by farming crops like corn, sweet potatoes, cabbage, peanuts, eggplants etc.....

- Also coordinated with my local friends who already volunteered to be my ENUMERATORS who will go with me up in the mountains to meet these children and their families, do some surveys and evaluate them if they need to be covered by my Foundation…....

List of Volunteers:.... ( the SBF SuperMans)

Adonis Bonito - Barangahawon, ....Tabaco City.., ..Philippines........

Mark Bragais - Barangahawon, ....Tabaco City.., ..Philippines........

Christian Alaurin - Bacacay, Albay ....Philippines........

Jeffrey John Tang - ....Oriental Bazar Tabaco City.. ..Philippines........

Jennifer Bragais - Barangahawon, ....Tabaco City.., ..Philippines........

Marcelo Soledad Jr. - Barangahawon, ....Tabaco City.., ..Philippines........

***Note – I want the whole world to know how great deal of things are taken for granted... I need to show them how children plays an essential role in our community and lastly, aside from this sh*tty world filled with moronic jerks…there is still hope. And there’s SOMEONE out there willing to alleviate these children from all the pain & sufferings - FREE OF CHARGE!!!***....